Introducing Whāingaroa-Raglan & Its Community

The Community

Meet The Makers Tours™ was born from my absolute love of Whāingaroa-Raglan and its community. I want to share Raglan’s manaakitanga, amazing people, their entrepreneurial stories, and this very special place which inspires their creativity.

I was brought up in a boarding school in Sussex UK, and apart from British Army and boarding school communities, I never got to experience a true community until the Maunga (Mount Karioi) called to me. Whāingaroa-Raglan is home to a mixing pot of people who make the community of this west coast beach town eclectic, diverse, and very interesting.

What's In a Name

Raglan’s first name was Pītoitoi meaning North Island Robin. Nā, ka tae mai ngā miromiro, ngā pītoitoi, ngā tātāeko, ngā kōriroriro, ia manu, ia manu, me ngā tīrairaka, ka rūpeke mai (NM 1928:22). So the white breasted tits, the New Zealand robins, the whiteheads, the grey warblers, each bird together with the fantails all assembled.
This is true of Raglan’s community – a diverse array of people who have assembled to nest.

Raglan is now known by its Māori name, Whāingaroa, which means 'the long pursuit' and refers to the lengthy search of the Tainui waka (canoe) for a final destination. In 1858 it was renamed after Lord Raglan, British commander in the Crimean War. 

Visit And Meet The Locals

Visit Whāingaroa-Raglan, discover all there is to love about this town with its laid-back artsy surfy vibe, meet the local community who are doing things the ‘Raglan Way’, and see the stunning rugged west coast beaches.